A prayer of Thanks

I just wanted to publicly (semi publicly depending on how many people read this I guess) offer some prayers of thanks to God. I recently started a new job that pays better and will keep me on land more. That’s a good thing. Then a very good thing, my mom had a cancerous spot on her nose &  needed a pretty costly surgery to take care of it. She doesn’t have insurance & her job doesn’t pay too well (its not bad, but medical things are SO EXPENSIVE!) so we were all concerned about that. Well the other day it was giving her some trouble so she had to call into work to be a few minutes late & when she did get there by the grace of God and some kind soul someone donated enough money to cover her medical expenses. Praise God for that!

My mom works at a retirement home and was talking with one of the residents who had to have a similar procedure & the old lady told her she would pray for her. The next day, everything was taken care of. Amazing.

Too often I think I don’t take time to thank God, I’m usually just busy asking for things. I’m slowing down now & thanking Him for all the things He does.


Why do we forgive?

I follow the ELCA on twitter & every morning they post a question or a prayer or a Bible verse, something like that. Most of the time it’s something that goes way over the 140 character limit that twitter gives you but today it was just the question “Why do we forgive?”

My immediate answer was to go back to the line in the Lord’s prayer – ‘Forgive us our trepasses as we forgive those that trespass against us.’

We forgive because we want to be forgiven. Then I thought, how shallow is that huh?

Some people were answering the question with things like;

  • to forgive is to be forgiven.
  • we forgive because we are forgiven.
  • you never know when you’ll be on the end needing forgiveness.

I guess that last one is something like a karma kinda thing. What goes around comes around. If you forgive someone now then when you need forgiveness it’ll be right there waiting.

I’m pretty sure I need constant forgiveness. I screw up ALL THE TIME! I do, I guess its part of my charm.

I forgive because I want to be forgiven. That was my immediate response. How greedy does that sound?? Wow. I shocked myself with that answer I guess.

Christ died so that my sins would be forgiven. Thats already a done deal. My sins are forgiven.

I’ve written before about how hard it is for me to forgive some people. For me to say that I am forgiving someone just so I can be forgiven is actually kind of ridiculous the more I write about the idea.

Giving something just so i can get something in return is jealous & defeats the whole purpose.

My sins are already forgiven.

Why do we forgive? To become more Christ-like. He forgives & so should I.

Its not easy to do, but its the way things should be.

Not exactly a lazy Sunday.

I like to take it easy on Sundays. Ha, I like to take it easy every day actually – but especially Sundays. Today, like most Sundays, I just kinda hung out. Put my feet up, played some video games with Andrew, watched some football… EZ does it…

Physically I took it easy. Mentally – quite the workout today!

At church we are in the second week (first “discussion” week) of a small group study called Starting Point. We talked about why the Scripture matters to us, where we see God in our personal story, and we read the David & Goliath story. It was a good discussion & really started my brain churning.

In Sunday school, Andrew learned about Noah & the Ark, so he & I talked a little about that.

—Tangent alert— note: I know the jist of some of these Bible stories, but I’m quickly learning thats about all I know. For example, I know God was mad at mankind for how they were living so He planned to flood the world. He told Noah who was a good man to build an ark and get 2 of every animal so that the earth could be repopulated. Noah does all this, God floods the world then eventually everything dries up & God puts up a rainbow as His promise that He won’t flood the world again. I also knew that David killed Goliath with something like a sling shot & that David also grows up to be a king. My know how with these stories isn’t much.

Anyway, the actual sermon today was on the parable of the shrewd manager.  Not exactly the easiest parable to understand.  Back at the house I’m reading a book called Velvet Elvis which they read at church awhile back. I was able to attend the classes but saw the book at the library so I picked it up & its been very engrossing so far.

So to recap, my spiritual day has included:

  • David & Goliath
  • Noah & the Ark
  • Parable of the shrewd manager
  • Velvet Elvis
  • reflection on how & where I see God in my story

I’m not complaining, one of the biggest things I enjoy about regularly attending church is how I’m constantly being challenged to rethink things. Sometimes, I didn’t even realize there was a different side of something.

I’m just saying I don’t really know the last time my brain was given such a workout. I feel the burn but its a good burn.

Add to all that I’ve had a fantasy football team to manage!

Man, I’ve had the synapses firing today!! Fun stuff.