ELCA/LCMS Smackdown!

I’m just kidding of course.

I’m not sure why there are splits between the Lutheran denomination. Well, actually,  I am. They believe different things. Not huge differences, but big enough they don’t want to be in the same group. Well, they are both Lutheran  groups but… yeah it kinda gives me a headache too..

Anyway, Messiah Lutheran (my home) is an ELCA church. I’ve been working in a small town that only has an LCMS church so I went there for worship this morning. We are all Lutherans. Grace alone through faith alone. However you get there, that sums it up for me.

But, I remember being a little apprehensive about going into Messiah for the first time.

I’ve always been a believer, but organized religion scared me. I didn’t know what to expect when I went to church after so many years. This is a post for later on (Reformation Sunday) but let’s say I was pleasantly surprised .

I kinda felt the same thing going into St. Paul Lutheran here in Edna, Tx.  for the first time.

“hey we’re all Lutherans here!”

St. Paul is a much older & smaller congregation. Comparing the populations of Edna/Victoria  &  Cypress/Houston its understandable. The church itself is super nice though. Its got this old time classic wooden “church” sense to it ya know?

High wooden ceilings, heavy brass latches on windows, creaky heavy wooden doors. Good old small town church. I love that.

The service was a little different than we do at Messiah. Very liturgical & traditional. I really enjoy a traditional church service. One thing funny I noticed though, St. Paul doesn’t stand for the gospel reading. I thought that was kinda weird.

The sermon was good. It was on the parable of the Wedding Feast/Wedding Robe – Matt.22:1-14.  I learned from the sermon and it was good, but the pastor just kind of read. Like, he wrote down his sermon & then read it to the congregation. It was a good lesson but I kind of felt like I was listening to someone read a magazine article. He preached, but at Messiah – Pastor Brad preaches. I know he’ll probably read this so maybe I get some brownie points (haha) but Pastor Brad preaches with a passion that makes you feel the story. If you happen to be in Cypress come check us out on Sunday, because Pastor is awesome. I’m not trying to downplay St. Paul, because it was very nice and very traditional – they have 1 service and its more traditional than Messiahs traditional 8:30 service. I love a traditional church service, and St. Paul was nice & if I’m working in Edna on a Sunday I’ll be sure to go back but the old saying is true – there’s no place like home.