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heres a LINK!

Here’s a cool site I’ve been on a lot lately – World Prayers.

Even before I became a church going man I always had something like a “book” type interest in religion.
I’ve read most of the Dianetics & Scientology books. I still probably have them boxed up somewhere in my garage. I’ve even actually been to a Scientology “centre” and talked to some lady there. She gave me & my buddy this little exam then told us both we were crazy. Of course, they two of us agnsty 90’s kids – Beavis & Butthead -crazy was cool! I can honestly say I think Scientology is a racket.

I’ve read on old Norse religion, which is like a demi-god mythology type belief. It was pretty weird. Not feasible in this era. maybe an ancient way of thinking? I wonder which is older, poly or mono -theism.

That polygamist group, FLDS, was incredible to watch when it was unfolding.

I was working in Norway with a Muslim from Egypt. Not like an American hating stereotypical Muslim. This guy is a genuine good soul. Even now we keep in touch on Skype and I was talking with his all through the Revolution. It was really cool to get it from his side. Every time we’d talk about it he say ‘its about Muslims & Christians & everyone living a better life.’
Its really mind blowing to think about how strong your beliefs have to be to go through with that?

I think by seeing what others believe it helps me understand what I believe. The website I posted has prayers from all religions. I think its just some of the most amazing prose to ever be written. Its just a raw & emotional cry out to the Creator. BEAUTIFUL.