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like a tree~

“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

– Matthew 18:20 (NIV)


I was at St. Luke’s hospital here in Houston today. I took my girlfriend to have some tests done. She was in the lab or whatever for a couple hours so I had time to kill. To early for lunch I figured it would be fun to wonder around.

I noticed a sign in the elevator that said Wednesday ‘Celebration of the Holy Eucharist’ – 12:00 pm.

The clock on the wall say 11:45 (anyone get my George Thorogood reference?)

Hey – church is a good place to spend some time.

The little chapel was nice with big candles. St. Luke’s is Episcopal Church which is Angelical, which because I like to know my things I know that ELCA (me) has this sort of  ‘communion treaty’ with the Episcopalians. And to a large extent the service followed the same pattern as Messiah. It was a mini service. 30 minutes long. There was the whole opening like we do at Messiah with the Kyrie & everything. We stood for a gospel reading. The chairs had little things for kneeling ,which I liked. Sometimes I feel like I want to kneel during Messiah service.

We did the prayers of the people but after the announcer says their bit and the floor is open to the people  everyone just kind of mumbled names and petitions to themselves. That was odd, all the muttering.

We all formed a line to take communion. It was the wafer, not the bread. The wine was from a community cup, I liked that because I was first in line but thought to myself  ‘I do have this pretty nasty cold sore…’

There was even a nice little sermon. The pastor was a kind looking old man wearing robes, which I liked. He talked about the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. John the Baptist is on of my favorite biblical persons. To me he embodies someone who just fights the good fight. John the Baptist would be someone whose faith I greatly admire.

So the line of Verse from the sermon was the ‘you are my Son with whom I am well pleased.’ A line I know & love.

Its always nice to take something home from the sermon and that was a good one. But then I had another realization that something was at work. When we did the Lord’s Peace it was neat. I shook hands with Drs., patients, janitors, all sorts of people I didn’t know but there we all were worshiping together.

Lining up for communion I kinda stutter stepped ( b/c I’m a clumsy awkward guy) and the lady behind me said ‘oh move down.’

Ok I said. This is just a little bit different than we do…

“Oh are you …”

Lutheran, i said and cut her off . she smiled at me and said of im Catholic. I thought that was cool. And then the second verse I took home came to mind ‘Where two or more gather in my Name…’ That was neat, I kinda self discovered a verse that shows me I’m making progress in my faith.

I was kinda proud of how far along I’m coming. Its going to be a great trip through self discovery. I think today I learned that its very rewarding to examine & wrestle with faith. Today I saw some fruits of my labors I guess you could say.

and my favorite “church-y” word is Hallelujah because it looks and sound so pretty. Its almost tied by Hosanna though.

thats it bloggers… see ya later!