A prayer of Thanks

I just wanted to publicly (semi publicly depending on how many people read this I guess) offer some prayers of thanks to God. I recently started a new job that pays better and will keep me on land more. That’s a good thing. Then a very good thing, my mom had a cancerous spot on her nose &  needed a pretty costly surgery to take care of it. She doesn’t have insurance & her job doesn’t pay too well (its not bad, but medical things are SO EXPENSIVE!) so we were all concerned about that. Well the other day it was giving her some trouble so she had to call into work to be a few minutes late & when she did get there by the grace of God and some kind soul someone donated enough money to cover her medical expenses. Praise God for that!

My mom works at a retirement home and was talking with one of the residents who had to have a similar procedure & the old lady told her she would pray for her. The next day, everything was taken care of. Amazing.

Too often I think I don’t take time to thank God, I’m usually just busy asking for things. I’m slowing down now & thanking Him for all the things He does.


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