You can learn a lot from a kid.

My son and I have this little thing we do. We go to the barber shop and get haircuts then we walk next door to McDonald’s and have a snack and play.
Well, we’re playing now. I just thought it was kinda neat – there is a Spanish speaking family, an Asian family, a family from India maybe and Andrew & I.
All of us adults are speaking amongst our little groups in different languages. Things like languages, belief, culture, race,.whatever can be deciding factors for some people when it comes to who we want to ‘play’ with.
I just thought it was cool that all these kids didn’t give any of that a second thought. Everyone is playing together and speaking a universal language. I think people should be more like these kids sometime.


One response


    Kids could care less about race, religion, nationality, etc…

    U r correct…it WOULD be nice.

    18 September 2010 at 10:40

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